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The Firm has a long record of experience and expertise in all matters of labor law and we offer specialized legal advice and services in respect of labor matters. Legal services focus on labor contractual relationships, employment contracts, company’s working rules, labor collective agreements, employee’s assets and responsibilities and confidentiality, as well as consulting in financial matters (such as salary, insurances, allowances, etc.), contractual negotiations and litigations. Large or small, if you are a company with employees, you must know your rights and obligations. If you are an individual employee, you can also benefit from the following labor and employment services from us:

Employment Contracts

  • Advising on all legal aspects related to labor matters in Vietnam, such as labor contracts, salaries and allowances, probation, employment policy issues, termination, and compensation;
  • Analyzing and advising on key terms and conditions of labor contracts, including personal income tax, allowances, social and medical insurance;
  • Drafting labor contracts and labor-related arrangements.

Company’s Working Rules

  • Advising on structures and principal terms of company’s working rules with variations applicable to specific projects of companies;
  • Drafting the company’s working rules based on the requirements of the company;
  • Representing companies in filing company’s working rules and obtaining registration of these rules, including negotiations with local labor authority on terms of company’s working rules.

Labor Collective Agreement

  • Advising on conditions of, requirements of and procedures for establishing a labor collective agreement;
  • Advising on structures and principal terms of a labor collective agreement with variations applicable to specific projects of companies;
  • Drafting labor collective agreements;
  • Representing companies in the negotiation of the labor collective agreements with representatives of employees;
  • Representing companies in the filing of labor collective agreement and the obtaining of registration of this agreement, including negotiations with local labor authority on terms of labor collective agreement.

Work Permits

  • Offering advice on conditions, procedure and documents required for obtaining work permits for expatriates working in Vietnam;
  • Drafting and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Representing companies and individuals in the completion of procedures for securing work permits for expatriates.

Termination and Dispute

  • Advising on procedures and conditions for dismissal of employees or termination of labor contracts, and representing companies and individuals in negotiations on terminations;
  • Offering advice on compensation, severance allowances and other allowances with respect of termination;
  • Representing companies and individuals in labor disputes in front of Vietnamese Authorities and/or the courts in Vietnam.
Advising on all aspects of Vietnamese law on labor and employment, Reviewing, advising on and/or dratfting employment contracts in Vietnam, Reviewing, advising on and/or drafting company working rules, corporate labour collective agreement, Services of drafting documents and obtaining work permit for expartriates working in Vietnam, Advising on conditions and procedures for termination of labor contracts in Vietnam, Services of negotiation on labor contracts in Vietnam